suttons falcon

running at Nostaglia drags 2008, Gateway International raceway

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600HP 6-Speed TURBO Ford Falcon!
SPOOLING, SHIFTING, BRAKE BoostING... An unsuspecting 1960's Ford Falcon rolled into the parking lot in Missouri during the Missouri FBody Meet, it wasn't until we saw under the hood that we realized why there was a giant crowd around this car. A turbo V8 with a T56 6-Speed Manual, powered by a 351 Windsor and S475 turbo. This car is badass to see rowing through the gears, spooling and pulling on people on the top end! Not too bad for a big lead sled from the 60's!

Devastating Car Crash Miguel Castro Falcon
R.I.P. Uncle Miguel.. Devoted Father And Husband.. Two carjacking suspects were in custody Wednesday after the vehicle in which they were fleeing from deputies crashed into a pickup truck in South Los Angeles, killing the man who was driving it, authorities said. Paramedics sent to Century Boulevard west of Vermont Avenue shortly before 7 a.m. pronounced a man dead at the scene, d'Lisa Davies of the Los Angeles Fire Department said. Miguel Castro Falcon, 46, of Los Angeles, died in the accident, said Capt. Ed Winter of the coroner's office. The vehicle, a Toyota Camry, that crashed into the truck had been carjacked at gunpoint shortly before 5 a.m., Deputy Johnie Jones of the Sheriff's Headquarters Bureau said. Deputies saw it about 7 a.m. and started chasing it, but backed off when they were told it was just a stolen vehicle, Jones said. It then crashed into the pickup truck. The passenger in the Camry was arrested at the scene after getting into one of several other vehicles that were involved in the collision and trying to pass himself off as a victim, deputies said. The driver fled but was caught about 90 minutes later, Jones said. Both suspects were 16 years old, Los Angeles police said. "I felt that they left him in the car too long," Charles Rhodes, who said Falcon's sons were in his karate class. "He (sat) there and suffered for about 10 minutes before he died. And that's unfortunate, that a police pursuit went bad." The watch commander called off the chase "figuring that ... the suspect would slow down and nobody would get injured from the incident."

XE Falcon at Drag Tag
Real nbice looking XE factory car from Drag Tag Thomastown.

1966 Ford Falcon
Test and Tune at San Antonio Raceway