FAIL!! Woman Drives SLS AMG Wrong Way Down A One Way Street!

I don't normally upload fail videos like this, but thought this was quite funny as a woman driving an SLS attempts to drive down a one way street only for cars to start coming head on towards her. She then reverses back into heavy traffic causing a bit of a holdup.

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Cheapest Bugatti Veyron in the World!!
At only £695,000 this Bugatti Veyron is a steal and as far as I know is the cheapest one available for sale. However the numberplate (F1) costs almost as much as the car itself. It's the most expensive numberplate in the country at roughly half a million including taxes.

A stunning orange Lamborghini Aventador which was parked at the Dorchester along with a Bugatti Veyron Sang Noir, KTM X-BOW and a matte black Lamborghini Aventador. In the video you can hear a loud startup and it driving around the streets of London. Enjoy.

Mercedes C63 AMG - CRASH & REACTION at Gumball Meet!!
I witnessed my first proper crash today at the Gumball Meet in Manchester. I was actually filming a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster when the crash happened, but in the video you can hear the crash and see the extent of the damage! Thankfully the owner was ok! Was 1 of 2 crashes on the day, the other being a Jaguar XFR-S!

ARAB CHROME Blue TRON Lamborghini Aventador in London!!
So one of the craziest Arab cars to arrive into London this summer is this chrome blue Lamborghini Aventador with Tron lines. I have to say it looks pretty good, definitely turning a lot of heads! What are your thoughts on the wrap? Better than the purple one a few years back?