aFe DPF Delete Kits Available at Smoke 'Em Diesel

We have all the parts needed to delete your DPF, EGR, or UREA. Start getting the milage your truck deserves, and eliminate costly downtime due to DPF failure. on top if it all, you will get large increases in HP and torque. Ask us about our aFe kits today!

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EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE DOING A DPF DELETE Check out my other Social Medias! For Canadian Priced Diesel Parts and contact info For Custom Tyrant Diesel Tunes Check out Cap-It Cranbrook, BC on Facebook!

DPF DELETE 101!! Should YOU Do It?! Everything You NEED To Know
Hey everyone. This video is to clear up some doubts and questions about DPF deletes. If anyone has any questions post them below! This is a re-upload as the first one turned out pretty rubbish.

Diesel Particulate Filters: Watch Out!
"Don't mess with the particulate filter," say the guys at TruckU. They suggest going with Banks Power for a good, clean tune and cooler, much safer temps.

What is DPF DEF EGR SCR? Protecting your Diesel
What is DPF? What is DEF? What is EGR, and what is SCR? They are EPA Emissions Controls added to your diesel performance truck by Ford, Dodge, and Chevy. These have an effect on your MPG and power as well as the life of your engine. 1World Filter and EXTREME engine protection systems by want to arm you with knowledge and more. Here we show you what all these acronyms are and how to protect against the side affects of these catalysts and devices, and even improve MPG, Performance, and radically reduce engine wear whether you have a DPF delete, SCR, & EGR delete or not. Soot and other abrasives in your oil can only be removed by a bypass filter. 1World/EXTREME™ bypass oil filter is the absolute best way to keep oil clean, with the only patented progressive filtering that doesn't plug easily like other fine bypass filters. Fuel and its destructive effect in oil can be minimized as well through the use of NASA-certified EXTREME WS2 oil Additive. Love your truck? Learn more: And Please forgive chemical formulas that are not perfectly balanced, and mispronunciations like "Nitrous Oxides" instead of "Nitric Oxides" and Nitrogen represented as N instead of N2, etc. DPF and SCR and CATs come in different orders on different engines and different years and with different manufacturers. The video information is just to present general basics of emissions controls and their effects on the engine and not meant to be a technical seminar with every variation explored and explained to put you to sleep at night. It's to give you enough knowledge to inspire and motivate you to protect that huge investment that is your diesel truck. Love it? Keep it clean! You're welcome.