Tug of war BMW versus Junk Yard Dog watch at 2.48

BMW thinks he can beat a monster truck in a tug of war.

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Mid Engine E30
This is the first Mid Engine E30 in Romania, Toma Alexandru worked for years to get this car done, it makes about 350hp from a 2.8 m50 engine with no turbos, no nitro :) It's a fast car, it takes only 11,5 seconds to get from 0 to 402 meters :) You guys can find more details about the car on https://www.facebook.com/MidEngineBmwE30

TUG OF WAR! Audi Q7 vs Toyota Hilux(Venter Trailer) 2

Обосрали Давидыча и его ЗОЛОТОЙ BMW X5M GOLD / Erik Davidich unizili
Парни обосрали Давидыча.

Tug of war!!! Dodge diesel vs ford ranger 1
Dodge diesel vs ford ranger