1973 Porsche Carrera RS 2.7 Clone Full Throttle RGruppe German Sports Car PMO

Full throttle acceleration and having a blast in my 1973 Porsche Carrera RS clone. 2161 lbs. 2.7 liter air-cooled flat-6 heaven, 7000 RPMs, PMO carbs, JE Pistons, Electromotive Crank-Fire, OMP Carbon/Kevlar seats, 4-point roll bar, Suspension and alignment perfected by Pacific Power Motorsports, 2-out sport Exhaust, Safecraft 5-point custom racing harness, stiff torsion bars and Weltmister sway bar. The engine sound is much better and louder in person than this video can show. This car is truly at home on the track blasting through a corner at 90mph at full throttle. It's a raw driving experience that is nothing like a modern car.

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1972 Porsche 911 Carrera RS Sound!
Probably it's one of the nicest Porsche i've ever seen. It's an awesome 1972 Porsche 911 Carrera RS. The engine is a 2.7 210hp. It's a very rare and expensive car and it's considered as one of the best Porsches ever made. I record it starting up and then on the track, making accelerations and fast fly bys. Ho filmato una delle mie Porsche preferite, una splendida 911 Carrera RS del '72. Gli intenditori di auto farebbero a botte per averne una, è rarissima e di gran valore. L'ho filmata che accende il 6 cilindri boxter 2700cc da 210cv, poi è in pista a fare accelerazioni e passaggi veloci. Fenomenale questa macchina!

Ninemeister: Porsche - 993 - RSR
(Updated info below) A dear friend collecting his freshly, custom built, rhd, 993 RSR by Ninemeister. Then a blat around Brands Hatch, NOT by the owner in the video clip but a racing driver. Music - VNV Nation 'Ghosts' These are the typical questions cropping up so I thought I'd get some answers for you guys. 1: What was the car originally? 2: What kind on engine is he running, sounds naturally aspirated but sounds larger than usual ? 3: Don't like to be vulgar but how much would something like this cost altogether? 4: Can u tell me what year is this awesome porshce? 5: What are these small "intakes" next to the signal lamps? 1: A RHD 993 rs , damaged on track . re shelled , seam welded , fully rollcaged , motorsport spec body . 2:. 3.8 na 993 rs engine running nine meister heads , gt3 rsr crank , trick rockers and other secret shit 3: To this quality around the price of a new 997 gt3 rs ( depending on what parts you already own ) 4: Built in 2009 5: Brake cooling ducts

Porsche 1974 Carrera RS 3.0 - A Masochist Dream - R Gruppe Hot Rod
After more than three years, the car takes it's first drive.

1973 Porsche Carrera RS Tribute
Sold For the no frills/music track footage watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNIacvtasdI