Touge Factory Evo X Voltex Style Rear Diffuser

Brought to you by Touge Factory and TF Works car shop. Google them for details on this product.

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How to make a panel from scratch. Step by step using Clay Sculpting - The Real Fast & Furious
Here is the making of the last panel on the JZ COBRA concept car reshell. A step by step process to help you learn how to do it yourself. As always clay is used to get the shape from which a panel is made up and finished. If you want to see how the rest of the JZ COBRA concept car was made with clay then please see other videos or click on this link to view one of my other videos Feel free to ask questions. I am always interested in doing exotic car concepts using real Ferrari, Lamborghini or Maserati etc sports cars as donor cars. I am able to take any one of these cars and turn them into a concept car of your dreams. Be the first to do this outside of any factory. If you are wealthy then why not be the first person in the world to turn your exotic supercar into a concept car of your dreams. The fast and the furious movies inspired people to change the look of there cars. Now I am showing you how to design your own car by your own hand and become a real fast and a real furious car designer in real life. This IS the next level!! Check out more clay sculpting such as this fortune RX7 redesign:

Jared Monster Evo X built by WheelersMotorsports (the making)
Mitsubishi Evolution X MR Varis Wide Body Kit WheelersMotorsports 45 Rio Rancho Rd unit4A, Pomona, CA 91766 Team Emperor ^_^

Varis EVO X | TWreck Films
Pics on my website FB Page: Instagram @twreckfilms

Evo X Carbon Fiber Hood Wrap
Hit the like button and favorite please! I'm heading to our Fast 6 car meet. But i wanted to show you what we got done before the meet! Enjoy =] My Clothing Brand: Primal Driven - I Made shirts! Buy some and support =] - Shirts, turbo Keychains and Lanyards 10% Coupon OFF code: SMURFIN10 - -------------------------- Follow me on Instagram and twitter for updates =] @SmurfinWRX -------------------------- WATCH OTHER VIDEOS: Lancer EVO X: My Vinyl Roof Wrap Video done by Premium Auto Styling How to Rev Match Downshifting Vs. Braking Cobb AP Stage 1 Review -------------------------- I like comments, suggestions and questions so leave them!