Touge Factory Evo X Voltex Style Rear Diffuser

Brought to you by Touge Factory and TF Works car shop. Google them for details on this product.

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How to Install a Vortex Generator on an Evo IX
This is a step-by-step guide to installing a vortex generator on a Mitsubishi Evolution IX. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Jared Monster Evo X built by WheelersMotorsports (the making)
Mitsubishi Evolution X MR Varis Wide Body Kit WheelersMotorsports 45 Rio Rancho Rd unit4A, Pomona, CA 91766 Team Emperor ^_^

Diffuser - Explained
How does a rear diffuser work on a car? What is the purpose of a diffuser? In this video I explain the science behind diffusers, and how they increase downforce of racing vehicles. Want more detail? Check out this paper on ground effects: Please feel free to rate, comment, and subscribe! And don't forget to check out my Facebook page: Also check out my official website: Make suggestions, participate in forums, enter for Car of the Month, learn through logically ordered lessons, read FAQs, and plan your future! NEW VIDEOS EVERY WEDNESDAY!

How Do Diffusers/Splitters/Undertrays Work?
Today, we look into how undertrays, splitters and diffusers work, starting off with a simple explanation, before moving into some case studies and a discussion of underbody sealing and canards. Sorry for the epic video length, there was a lot of material, to help you out a table of contents is below: -Why ground effect works 0:56 -Undertrays on F1 cars 4:12 -How the diffuser works 5:37 -What front splitters do 8:58 -Case studies of real world parts 10:48 -Sealing the underfloor with vortices 15:29 -Canards and the floor 18:27 Thanks for watching! Don't forget to like, comment and subscribe!