'08 Impala SS

K&N Intake | Hogan down-pipe with QTP electric cutout | Superchips Cortex

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zach new impala ss
cousin zach and first day with new impala ss 2007

08 Impala SS catches Subaru 120mph sideways
I see two idiots racing behind me, so I decide to follow. Subaru cuts across 3 lanes and then back across the other 2. Almost hits the wall, classic.you can the black marks in the video after the commotion its not good quality cause its on a iphone

Impala SS vs Impala SS 1000 ft
5.3 impala ss vs 04 impala ss 3.8 supercharged 1000 foot drag race.....04 pulls out off the line but 5.3 comes back on top end.

08 Impala SS 285 on Ramp
2008 Impala SS Mods: K&N CAI, Magnaflow from down pipe. More mods to come. This video was shoot a few months ago March 2014.