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509 F1 super charged BBC

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Hellenor Mustang Street Test! Nelson Racing Engines Fab Hellenor Mustang. NRE. Tom Nelson.
NRE shows off this beautifully crafted Mustang with 447 Windsor. Go to for more video of this car on the road. Also go to

Mosler 1800HP by Nelson Supercars
NAMTRA media visits Nelson Racing Engines/ Nelson Supercars for a ride in the street legal 1800 horsepower Mosler MT900S. The new World's fastest street legal car. Luckily we brought extra underwear!! Visit

1969 Camaro "Split Personality" Part 2.
Is that a good looking engine ... or what??

Nelson Racing Engine's - Twin Turbo 427 Dyno
1000+ HP On Pump Gas!