How to drift a FWD car

This video was a complete joke. It's a really gay way to drift a car.

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How to drift a front wheel drive POS
This will teach YOU how to drift any front wheel drive piece of shit and impress hot girls with your handbrake skill.

Easy Way To Drift A Front Wheel Drive Car
How To Drift/Slide A Front Wheel Drive Car.

Front Wheel Drive Drifting A Roundabout
In this short little video we didn't have too much planned, but then I remembered that Dan accidentally took some trays from some restaurant so I decided to slide those! I ended up bringing to a public roundabout and the rest is history. I really want to go back with some wood blocks so that I can get a decent amount of sliding time and be able to go faster, maybe some other day! We also ended up taking a night time trip to a park where Dan ended up trying to drift on the grass but it ended up being too thick to get enough traction therefore sliding was kept to a minimum. Hopefully you guys enjoyed and we will see you in the next video! And yes I already know that there are going to be some butthurts in the comments who are going to say "fwd sliding isn't drifting because power isn't pushing from the rear wheels." These are the kind of people who must be really fun at parties & get offended at every joke because they take it literally. Intro Song: Outro made by: Outro Song: Social Media Twitter: Instagram: @JSRCars and @JakeJSRCars Snapchat for behind the scenes footage: Jakellis16

Police car join the Drift show
Police car ( Mustang ) join car drift show