Wells Nissan P0507 Relearn Cam and Crank Sensor location and Testing

http://www.wellsve.com/ This video will locate and test the cam and crank sensor on a 2004 Nissan. It will also demonstrate an alternative method to relearn the idle air control. When a P0507 or a high idle occurs after a throttle body clean, the TSB requires the use of the factory (Consultant II) scan tool to reset idle air control. The reset can also be performed by following the steps in this video, without a scan tool. The information presented in this program is based on a specific diagnostic case and might not directly apply to the vehicle you are repairing. We do not represent or warrant that the information presented is complete or error free. Please take all safety precautions. We disclaim any and all liability for losses, injuries or damages in connection with your repair.

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NISSAN ALTIMA - Idle Relearn Procedure - This How To - Works Easy 2005
Nissan Altima Idle Relearn Procedure step by step write up: 2005 nissan altima 2.5 idle relearn procedure: 1. Insert key into ignition. Turn key to "On" position 2. Turn key to "off" position. Wait 12 seconds. 3. Turn key to "on" position. Wait 4 seconds. 4. Depress accelerator pedal fully 5 times within 5 seconds. 5. Wait exactly 7 seconds then Hold accelerator pedal. 6. After blinking SES light goes solid, (20 seconds) release accelerator and start vehicle within 3 seconds. *Engine must be at operating temperatures. *Nissan suggests pedal and throttle plate relearn procedure be done first. *Exact timing is critical. *Relearn procedure was successful with DTC's and without DTC's. *Transaxle should be at operating temp. Note: Spark plug tube seals are generally non-replaceable and valve cover was replaced as a unit from dealer. *This particular car had an "hard start" condition, suffering from oil saturated #1 spark plug. *Throttle Body was severely dirty and had to be removed from vehicle for service. *MAF cleaned and Air Filter replaced. Oil Change. Thanks to TeknoAxe for his awesome royalty free music!!! PEACE Automotive, scanner, otc, snap-on, snapon, cornwell, camshaft and crankshaft position sensors, mass air flow meter, drive by wire, stereo removal installation

Nissan 3.5 Cam Sensor " How to replace them! "
This will show you how to replace Bank 1 and Bank 2 Cam Sensors on a Nissan with a 3.5 engine.

2005 Nissan Sentra Idle Air Volume Relearn Procedure
This video highlights how to perfom an Idle Air Volume Relearn on a 2005 Nissan Sentra

Camshaft Position Sensor P0340 Testing and Replacement HD
Click Here to Subscribe! http://youtube.com/carsntoys Website: http://carsntoys.net Today we're testing the camshaft position sensor, along with its harness connector. The sensor consists of a permanent magnet, core and coil. When the engine is running, the gap between the sensor and cam sprocket will periodically change. This generates a voltage and sends the information to the ECM. Code P0340 could be generated by the following reasons: - Harness or connectors is open or shorted. - Camshaft position sensor - Starter motor / starting system circuit. Tools Used: Safety Glasses 10mm wrench Digital Multimeter (DMM) Starter Replacement Video: http://youtu.be/q8n9OZfwKrM Note: This video is being performed by an experienced tech. Any attempt to repair automotive parts and/or systems carries risk of personal injury. Always adhere and follow safe practices when working on vehicles. Such as, use safety glasses, jack stands, no loose clothing, etc. No guarantee or warranty is implied. Use the information in this video at your own risk. Publication, reproduction or distribution of this film is strictly prohibited. This was performed on a 1997 Nissan Maxima. Please check with your vehicle's repair manual for testing parameters.