Wells Nissan P0507 Relearn Cam and Crank Sensor location and Testing

http://www.wellsve.com/ This video will locate and test the cam and crank sensor on a 2004 Nissan. It will also demonstrate an alternative method to relearn the idle air control. When a P0507 or a high idle occurs after a throttle body clean, the TSB requires the use of the factory (Consultant II) scan tool to reset idle air control. The reset can also be performed by following the steps in this video, without a scan tool. The information presented in this program is based on a specific diagnostic case and might not directly apply to the vehicle you are repairing. We do not represent or warrant that the information presented is complete or error free. Please take all safety precautions. We disclaim any and all liability for losses, injuries or damages in connection with your repair.

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Throttle Position Sensor Ajustment for idle control - See How
In the video we show you how to adjust the Nissan Hitachi Throttle Position Sensor(TPS) on the Nissan Frontier Vg33e(V6) Engine. By using a Multi-Volt meter we explain all the process to make a proper adjustment to the TPS for recommended idle speed. HOW TO ADJUST THE THROTTLE POSITION SENSOR?. HOW TO MAKE CHANGES IN ENGINE IDLE?. HOW TO REPLACE TPS SENSOR?. WHAT IS A POTENTIOMETER?. The throttle position sensor responds to the acceleration pedal movement. This sensor is a kind of POTENTIOMETER which transforms the throttle position into output voltage, and emits the voltage signal to the ECM. In addition, the sensor detect the opening and closing speed of the throttle valve and feeds the voltage signal to the ECM. Idle position of the throttle valve is determined by the ECM receiving the signal from the throttle position sensor. This sensor controls engine such as fuel cut. On the other hand, the "Wide Open and Close Throttle position switch", Which is build into the throttle position sensor unit, is not used for engine control. DTC(code) P01231 is Throttle Position Sensor circuit range/performance problem - (A) A High voltage from the sensor is send to ECM under light load driving condition - Possible cause is Harness or Connector(TP) sensor circuit is open or shorted, or TPS, or Fuel injector, or Camshaft position sensor, or Mass air flow sensor. DTC(code) - P0121 is Throttle position sensor circuit range/performance problem - (B) A low voltage from the sensor is sent to ECM under Heavy load driving condition - Possible cause is Harness or connector(The Throttle Position sensor circuit is open or shorted.), or Intake air leak, or Throttle Position sensor.

2002 Nissan Altima Misfire Start P0507 Bad IDLE part1
You will need new spark plugs don't buy cheap one !! Also consider replacing replacing IDLE sensor or Throttle position sensor or the whole throttle plate together with all sensors !!!

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I accidently damaged the Ckp sensor on the Hyundai when changing the timing belt. I take full responsibility, and show how to make sure the wiring is good and sensor is at fault.