2011 June 3 - Team Maverick

Terry Shifflett's Maverick at 75 & 80 DragWay and of course it takes the win. :) This car is awesome!!!!

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Nova vs Impala at 75 80 DragWay
My brother John Hilderbrand and good friend Bob Walker, Jr. The 73 Nova is my brothers car while the Impala belongs to Bob. They both race in the NIN (Nine Inch Nightmare) class at 75 80 DragWay in Maryland.

2011 June 3 - Nova vs Mustang
My brother John Hilderbrand in his 73 Nova against a blue Mustang 75 80 DragWay The smoke from the Nova is because John blew a tranny line and fluid went everywhere.

Perry racing Maverick at Marion raceways first grudge race for ODRA

2011 June 3 - Dave and his super charged Nova
Dave and his Nova at 75 & 80 DragWay in MD. An awesome run