ford transit front hub wheel bearing removal

transit front hub removal remove 5 torx bolts(through holes in hub) remove brake caliper and carrier etc and hang up nr spring remove drive shaft (fwd) or dummy drive shaft (rwd) then find an old socket, same size as back of bearing and hold in place with a pair of slip-jaw grips then beat it off with a large sledge hammer and get an assistant to catch it, save breaking the disc Note, this is not the recommended ford way but requires no special tools and is safe and effective.

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5545 & 5738: Ford Transit Front Wheel Bearing Removal Tool & Inner Bearing Remover - Instructional
Laser Tools' Ford Transit Front Wheel Bearing Tool (part number 5545) and the Transit Inner Bearing Ring Remover (5738) are here! One of our technicians goes into detail about how to use the tool in this instructional video.

echange roulement ford transit 2 4 TDCI
Echange roulement sur ford transit 2.4 TDCI .

Replacing of hub and wheel bearing Ford Transit 1091-10
Tool set for replacing of hub and wheel bearing on Ford Transit with hydraulics. For more information and tools go to

KL-0040-86 - Radlager-Werkzeugsatz Ford Transit, mit Hydraulik-Zylinder 28t
Zum Erneuern der Bremsscheibe oder des Radlagers ist es erforderlich das Radlager mit Nabe und Bremsscheibe zusammen aus dem Radlagergehäuse herauszuziehen. Der Aus- und Einbau des Radlagers kann am Fahrzeug ohne Ausbau des Radlagergehäuses innerhalb weniger Minuten erfolgen. Wheel Bearing Tool Set with Hydraulic Cylinder (28 t), Ford Transit To replace the specified brake discs or wheel bearings, it is usually necessary to pull out the wheel bearing along with the hub and brake disc from the wheel bearing housing. This tool set allows the removal and installation of the wheel bearing to be carried out in-situ on the vehicle within a few minutes, without having to dismount the wheel bearing housing. Kit d'outils pour roulement de roue, avec vérin hydr. 28t, Ford Transit Pour remplacer le disque de frein ou le roulement de roue, il est nécessaire d'extraire le roulement conjointement avec le moyeu et le disque de frein du porte-fusée. Le jeu d'outils permet le démontage et le montage du roulement de roue directement sur le véhicule, en quelques minutes, sans dépose de la jambe de force.