E6 Egg Subaru engine propeller trim balance N707SM

Michael OBrien doing a full power run on his Eggenfellner E6 engine at KDWA for propeller trim balancing prior to 1st flight... Subaru based 6 cylinder engine is turning a Quinti/Sensenich 4 blade hollow composite c/speed electric prop.. This sube engine runs so smooth its unreal!

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N725LA camera ship
Lindsey did a great job on the camera for the 1st flight shots of N707SM at Yolo KDWA

Leslie's Birthday flight RV-7
Leslie's Birthday flight over the Napa Valley on a killer day with a 230mph low pass down rwy 29 in Petaluma with the landing for lunch....

Propeller speed reducing unit for Subaru EJ-series
Сборка и технические подробности редуткора для Субару EJ

geareddrives psru installed on RV7 subaru ez30 h6 engine
the front end of a subura ez30 H6 with a geareddrives 200z psru driving a full hyd constant speed whirlwind 151 prop super smooth