Volvo Trucks - "Big in the USA"

Mid-American Trucking Show is the largest truck show in the U.S. At this event drivers, fleet owners and trucking companies meet up for a few intensive days to inspire each other. Of course Volvo Trucks were also in place at the fair and visitors flocked around hybrid truck Mean Green. We also took a look at a really homely truck - who would not want to have a truck with its own shower and kitchen? Visit Volvo Trucks web site:

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Volvo FH16-Road Cruiser
Ekdahls Volvo FH16, 700 Hk.

Volvo Trucks - US couple lives the good life on the road - "Welcome to My Cab"
Husband and wife team Jon and Miriam Brown are on a non-stop paid vacation. Thanks to a fully-equipped, RV-style body integrated onto their Volvo VNL, just about any haul can become a destination for fun, sport and adventure. No wonder they love their trucking careers! "Welcome to My Cab" highlights the most spectacular and customized trucks on the planet, heaven for any truck enthusiast! Visit Volvo Trucks website: Volvo Trucks in social media:

Volvo Trucks - 175 tonnes road train through the Australian outback - Drivers World (E08)
Maxine Taylor, 52, keeps her family tradition alive, driving a 175-tonne rated road train across the Australian outback in 48-degree temperatures. Her father and her husband - both now passed away - had the same profession. “I think my husband would be very proud,” Taylor says, adding that her father drove a Volvo too. “So it’s very close to my heart.“ Six days a week for eight weeks in a row, she makes an 800 kilometre round trip to pick up manganese. After the eight weeks have passed she gets two weeks off before it all starts over again. Visit Volvo Trucks website: Volvo Trucks on social media:

Volvo Trucks - Building an ultra-modern Volvo FH in five days
This spring sees the first of the series-produced new Volvo FH trucks roll out of the factory gates for delivery to customers throughout Europe. But just how is an ultra-modern truck built? Join us on a trip from initial idea to finished truck. Read more: Visit Volvo Trucks website: Volvo Trucks in social media:!/VolvoTrucks