Chevrolet Transformers Commercial 2011 Camaro

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One Step Optimus Prime i Grimlock - Transformers 4: Wiek Zagłady - PL
English version: - toy store TRANSFORMERS 4 Age of Extinction Movie Generations Voyager Grimlock NEW Hasbro Transformers 2014 Movie: Age of Extinction Generations Voyager Class Decepticon Grimlock Dinobot Tyrannosaurus Rex Size: 20cm

Barricade vs. Bumblebee
barricade showin bumble bee how to get down....oh Nissan 240 showin his skillz too barricade drifting....Mustang saleen drifting

Camaro Homecoming 2011
I had an amazing time at the Camaro homcoming!! I got to see the Camaro plant, watch cool shows, see the new ZL1, and meet the new Bumblebee!! :) I bought alot of cool stuff while I was there too. I will make a video showing you all of my cool Camaro memorobilia :D

GTA SAN - Munhoz e Mariano Camaro Amarelo ♪
CJ tirando um role no seu Camaro amarelo (h) MEUS VÍDEO SÃO OFFLINE, OU SEJA NÃO USO SAMP! FACE: twitter: Homenagem a Dupla Sertanejo Munhoz e Mariano - Camaro Amarelo: