Scale Modeling in Metal 1/10 Scale Cars made of Aluminum cans

Meet Sandy Sanderson from New Zealand. Needing something to keep himself occupied after breaking his wrist in a motorcycle accident, he started building amazing model cars from discarded aluminum cans. His incredibly intricate work Sandy's something of a renaissance man; draftsman, guitar player, teacher, motorcyclist, instrument maker and model builder. When he was in a motorcycle accident which shattered his wrist and put him out of action for a while, he needed something to do. While finishing a canned beverage he thought of model airplanes he'd seen made from cans and thought why not make cars out of the same material? And thus was born the CanCar. The "Coriba Climax" is his first effort and while impressive in its own right you see the cars keep getting more and more technically detailed with each successive build. Very cool hobby Mr. Sanderson Although these are not models of some real cars, the size of them would put them at about 1:10 scale.

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From Trash to Toys in Bolivia
It was almost two decades ago that Jose Nuñez realized he didn't have enough money to buy a Christmas gift for his son, and so he decided to put together discarded metal parts to make a toy jeep. Little did he know that he had found both his calling...and his very own cottage industry. Nuñez's talent to convert discarded metal products into toys originated while growing up near the mines where his father worked. His success with the first Christmas "Willy" Jeep inspired him to make a batch of eight such automobiles. And after fulfilling his Santa Claus duties to his child, Nunez made his first sales with the remaining eight trucks out of the Kuper workshop where he continues to work along with his wife, Lydia. [Jose Nuñez, Artist]: (male, spanish) "A can of sardines became a car. It moved around well, was rechargeable, and repairs could be made when necessary. If a wire got worn out, it could be replaced with another, and it worked. What's important is that it moved around, charged up, and that's what I wanted. And I couldn't do that with other toys, like American ones that were very beautiful, but very delicate." At that first Christmas market, his eight jeeps sold in just three minutes.  That inspired Nuñez to start making other vehicles and metallic structures. He now gathers his base parts for the toy production at second-hand markets, and even at garbage dumps. [Jose Nuñez, Artist]: (male, spanish) "For the production of these toys, I recycle spare car parts that are no longer being used. We've got parts from valves from Toyotas or Nissans that are being reused, but for other functions." He can now boast of having made some 34,000 toys with his own hands.  They usually range in price from 25 to 230 dollars. Nuñez says he never expected a moment of fatherly love to turn into a life-changing professional revelation. And as for the first toy cars he made 15 years ago, they still work as well today as the day he made them.

Can car aluminum cars soda & beer inspired by sandy sanders monster energy craft hobby art
This is a aluminum scale 110 model can car monster how to make a model cars out of tin aluminum cans tips tricks this is not a kit this was all done freehand hobby