Scale Modeling in Metal 1/10 Scale Cars made of Aluminum cans

Meet Sandy Sanderson from New Zealand. Needing something to keep himself occupied after breaking his wrist in a motorcycle accident, he started building amazing model cars from discarded aluminum cans. His incredibly intricate work Sandy's something of a renaissance man; draftsman, guitar player, teacher, motorcyclist, instrument maker and model builder. When he was in a motorcycle accident which shattered his wrist and put him out of action for a while, he needed something to do. While finishing a canned beverage he thought of model airplanes he'd seen made from cans and thought why not make cars out of the same material? And thus was born the CanCar. The "Coriba Climax" is his first effort and while impressive in its own right you see the cars keep getting more and more technically detailed with each successive build. Very cool hobby Mr. Sanderson Although these are not models of some real cars, the size of them would put them at about 1:10 scale.

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Scale Modeling in Metal 1/10 scale Midget Racer & The Coke Moke
Making a Car The Coke Moke & Midget Racer out of Aluminum cans to1/10 scale model cars Sandy's CanCars Cars made from recycling old drinks cans. ..Hi, I'm Sandy and I live in Hamilton, New Zealand. I can be contacted via email:

Can car aluminum cars soda & beer inspired by sandy sanders monster energy craft hobby art
This is a aluminum scale 110 model can car monster how to make a model cars out of tin aluminum cans tips tricks this is not a kit this was all done freehand hobby

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