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Short clip on ford capri taken in 94 i think

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The Ford Capri is an iconic car. From its development in the late 1960s it became hugely popular and well-loved, instantly recognisable on the streets of 70s Britain, as much a part of that decade as kipper ties and flared-trousers! It even became a TV star in the hands of 'The Professionals!' Although it finally went out of production in December 1986, many of these vehicles are still in existence, lovingly cared for by individuals and groups of enthusiasts all over the country. The Capri's best-remembered advertising slogan was 'the car you always promised yourself' and, in the knowledgeable company of John Hill, chairman of The Capri Club International, we met up with some Capri owners who made that promise come true. We take a closer look at this wonderful car and see it in action, come rain or shine! Move over Bodie and Doyle! Available to buy from: dvd&ie=UTF8&qid=1289296245&sr=1-1

V8 Ford Capri...Launches off the line
A V8 Ford Capri launches from the start line of Stage 13 of the Tasmanian Tarmac Challenge Rally October 2008. Ford of South Africa assembled the Capri from 1970 to 1972 with a similar model range to the UK. No facelift models or RS variants were marketed in South Africa. About 500 Capris were converted by specialist Basil Green Motors to run the 302 Ford Windsor V8 engine. These models were known as the Capri Perana and were very successful in local touring car events, winning the 1970 South African championship and, in a different format, the 1971 championship as well. No Mk II and Mk III Capris were exported to, or built in South Africa.

Forza Horizon 2 - Custom Ford Capri - Car Porn Episode 2
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Ford Capri Mk2 Leaving a Car Meet
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