Duesenberg Starplayer Special

$1710 http://proguitarshop.com/duesenberg-starplayer-special-blue-sparkle-1.html The Duesenberg Starplayer Special combines vintage USA styling with German engineering to produce a new palette of singing tones. A curvy single cut alder body with a contoured maple top utilizes a deep neck joint to encompass a bolt-on maple neck, resulting in a snappy attack that matches well with the Starplayer's 25.5" scale. Duesenberg's finely crafted hardware, heavy duty electronics and custom humbuckers are just a few features that set this guitar apart from the run-of-the-mill. Finally, Art Deco touches and a blue sparkle finish create a unique look that matches the vibrant tone only a Duesenberg Starplayer Special can produce.

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Duesenberg 49'er Gold Top
$2455 http://proguitarshop.com/duesenberg-49-er-gold-top-111816.html The Duesenberg 49'er uses a time tested combination of woods for it foundation, a mahogany body capped by a thick, carved maple top and a set mahogany neck fitted with an Indian rosewood fretboard. From there, this Doozy 49'er Gold Top takes a turn down a unique path using a 25.5" scale for extra snap and an impressive list of heavy duty hardware and artful details. Topping that list is a set of high quality Duesenberg pickups, the P-90 style Domino single coil in the neck and a Grand Vintage Humbucker in the bridge position. The result is a hand made guitar with a balance of grace and old fashioned rock n' roll.

MXR M134 Stereo Chorus
$169.99 http://proguitarshop.com/mxr-m134-stereo-chorus.html The MXR M134 Stereo Chorus delivers classic analog modulation along with versatile effect shaping. Whether in mono or stereo, the MXR Stereo Chorus can add depth and dimension to your tone without sacrificing your guitar's low end. The powerful Bass Filter can preserve bass frequencies by limiting chorus to only high frequencies. Furthermore, Bass & Treble controls tailor the affected signal, which can vary from thick vintage doubling to modern shimmer or even rotary speaker sounds. Inside the heavy duty MXR M134 Stereo Chorus is an analog circuit running on 18v, resulting in a low noise, high headroom chorus tone.

Hardwire Supernatural - Shimmer Preset
$179.95 http://proguitarshop.com/hardwire-supernatural-reverb.html The Hardwire Supernatural Shimmer is essentially an octave effect on a reverb. And while unique, Shimmer is not a new effect, and it can be found in a small number of reverbs on the market. There are a couple of pedals out there that do an absolutely wonderful Shimmer effect. They have created a sound that is so uplifting and dramatic that it sounds like a choir of angels descending from the heavens. Rather than directly copy these well established versions of the effect, we wanted to put our own spin on the Supernatural's Shimmer preset.

Duesenberg Fullerton C.C.
http://proguitarshop.com/duesenberg-fullerton-white-122328.html This is the Fullerton CC, another fine creation from Duesenberg guitars. This semi acoustic model features a spruce top and maple back and sides for a vintage American voice. The 1 piece set maple neck has a D shaped profile and a 12" radius indian rosewood fingerboard. Like all Duesenberg guitars, the Fullerton goes through the highly accurate PLEK process for a smooth buzz free setup on all 22 jumbo frets. Mounted in the center sustain block are a unique pair of Duesenberg pickups. The Domino P-90 produces clear neck pickup tones and dirty rhythm that is filled with bite and body while the Grand Vintage Humbucker in the bridge provides the extra output and richness that cuts through your favorite tube amp. Art Deco styling, high quality components and custom designed hardware are all part of the Duesenberg name and the Fullerton displays it proudly in its trademark 3 steps and black/gold pickguard. a super sensitive Deluxe "Tremola", 5-layer binding all around and quick loading Duesenberg Z tuners.