Duesenberg Starplayer Special

Buy Now: https://goo.gl/gy7NBh The Duesenberg Starplayer Special combines vintage USA styling with German engineering to produce a new palette of singing tones. A curvy single cut alder body with a contoured maple top utilizes a deep neck joint to encompass a bolt-on maple neck, resulting in a snappy attack that matches well with the Starplayer's 25.5" scale. Duesenberg's finely crafted hardware, heavy duty electronics and custom humbuckers are just a few features that set this guitar apart from the run-of-the-mill. Finally, Art Deco touches and a blue sparkle finish create a unique look that matches the vibrant tone only a Duesenberg Starplayer Special can produce.

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Duesenberg Starplayer Special - Dakota Red | N Stuff Music Product Review
Visit our website athttp://www.nstuffmusic.com/p-35752-duesenberg-starplayer-special-electric -guitar-dakota-red.aspx Our Starplayer Special was first prototyped in 1992 and voted “Guitar of the Year” in UK in 2003. Our maple neck and rosewood fingerboard delivers a distinctive attack and clarity not usually associated with this body type. The DSP with its Alder body comes with a 12mm/ 0.47” Canadian Maple top. These combinations present an exceptional sound and clarity that brings sweet thick tones and long sustain. A choice of opaque or sparkle colors impart a rich visual identity . Join us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/NStuffmusic Checkout all of the videos on our Youtube channel! https://www.youtube.com/nstuffmusic Follow us on Twitter and stay up-to-date on all our deals! https://twitter.com/Nstuffmusic Wanna see what’s new? Follow us here. https://instagram.com/nstuffmusic Come visit us and check us out on Google. https://plus.google.com/+NstuffMusic N Stuff Music 468 Freeport Road Pittsburgh PA 15238 412-828-1003 https://www.NStuffMusic.com

Duesenberg Starplayer Special Blue Sparkle | Guitar Demo
David makes his CME demo debut by showing off the Duesenberg Starplayer Special in a Blue Sparkle finish (http://goo.gl/KA5hSs) through a Two Rock Studio 50-15 1x12 Combo (http://goo.gl/JWuFM1), with a Mr. Black Eterna Shimmer Reverb (http://goo.gl/3s3oKG) for some added dimension. Aside from a breathtaking blue sparkle finish, the Duesenberg Starplayer Special has features-a-plenty. Including two Duesenberg proprietary humbuckers with coil tapping blend control, jumbo frets, and a simple control layout. The Starplayer Special is an incredibly versatile guitar that can satisfy a variety of playing styles. Duesenberg Starplayer Special Blue Sparkle: http://goo.gl/KA5hSs Two Rock Studio 50-15 1x12 Combo w/WGS 12-65B: http://goo.gl/JWuFM1 Mr. Black Eterna Shimmer Reverb: http://goo.gl/3s3oKG Riffs: Street Spirit (Fade Out) by Radiohead: 0:00 Safe Talk by Moon: 2:35 Black Days by Soundgarden: 3:24 David plays in a band called Moon, check them out here: http://www.moonchicago.bandcamp.com

Duesenberg Starplayer Special
(upgraded with 2 Duesenberg P-90 PUs) clean first, Okko Diablo Gain+ Overdrive, Amp: Fender Vibroverb (original 1963), Vahlbruch SpaceTime Delay, www.gregorhilden.de Backing-Track: http://www.coffeebreakgrooves.com/index.html

Duesenberg 49'er Gold Top
$2455 http://proguitarshop.com/duesenberg-49-er-gold-top-111816.html The Duesenberg 49'er uses a time tested combination of woods for it foundation, a mahogany body capped by a thick, carved maple top and a set mahogany neck fitted with an Indian rosewood fretboard. From there, this Doozy 49'er Gold Top takes a turn down a unique path using a 25.5" scale for extra snap and an impressive list of heavy duty hardware and artful details. Topping that list is a set of high quality Duesenberg pickups, the P-90 style Domino single coil in the neck and a Grand Vintage Humbucker in the bridge position. The result is a hand made guitar with a balance of grace and old fashioned rock n' roll.