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programador de llaves (2)

programacion de control Ford 2004 -2008


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programador de llaves (1)
sacar pin code de chrysler y dodge tipo (2)

Codificación de llaves para Ford
Codificación de llaves en un vehículo Ford con el equipo de diagnostico automotriz VeDiS


Como programar control alarma Ecosport
Aqui los pasos para programar el control de la alarma original de una Ford Ecosport Visita nuestro club! www.ecosportclubonline.com

curso programacion de llaves
curso programacion de llaves


Tutorial para Sustituir la llave de Seat por completo, incluida la parte de espadin
Hola, para todos aquellos que tuvieron el problema que yo. Se daño la parte del bton de panico y opte por comprar una carcaza nueva. Les dejo este video, ojala les sea de utilidad, si les gusta o les funciono, no olviden poner pulgar arriba....!!! Una de las ideas geniales a base de los comentarios, fue en lugar de papel higienlco usar silicon frio,

Scanner automotriz, www.electroscanner.cl
Amigos me cambie de canal ahora me pueden ver también en Equipo Lexia, saludos www.electroscanner.cl


Honda Jazz key Programming
Check out key programming video for Honda jazz

programador de llaves nissan
pasos a seguir para programar un Nissan Altima 2001 con t-300 version 8.50 en español

How to program keyless remote for 94-98 Mustangs
*I DID GET THIS TO WORK WITH THE RIGHT FOB TOOK ME 2 MINS TO PROGRAM* THIS WILL ONLY WORK IF YOU HAVE THE RIGHT FOB NEEDS TO BE CODE: GQ43VT4T A FOB FROM A 01-04 WILL NOT WORK AND THE 99-00 MIGHT WORK IF IT HAS THE SAME CODE! How to program another fob in your 94-98 Mustang. Turning the key over fast 8 times only works on the newer Mustangs, these ones you have to go into the trunk. here is step by step instructions Step 1: grab all your fobs new/old Step 2: Open trunk and remove panels to get to the Drivers side panel were the Key-less remote box is located Step 3: Put the original key in the ignition and turn to on position an leave it on Step 4: Make sure you have your fobs ready including your originals that will need to be re-programed again Step 5: Find the grey connector located next to the Key-less control box and get a paper clip or wire and make a connection between the metal 2 prongs, also might want to clean the connections mine were dirty/corroded so could not make a connection. Step 6: After you make a connection the doors will lock and unlock so it reset itself so quickly grab your fobs and within 10 secs hit/hold the lock button down for each fob 1 at a time and wait to the doors lock unlock, then when it does that one is programed so quickly move on to the next one. Step 7: Turn key back off and the doors will once again lock unlock, so then test out all your fobs to make sure they work if not repeat steps 3-7 again

07 civic remote program
how to program your remote.this does not do the transponder.i no longer own a civic.this was posted for 8th gen.com,you'll have to look through there for the key numbers.hope this helped someone...


como tunear un vocho en 20 dias
tuneando el escaravajo

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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1997 Honda CBR : 8.622 @ 180.721
sterling cole,

2006 Honda CBR 1000rr: 9.355 @ 142.220
wayne mills, Engine: 998cc, Supercharger: No Turbos: No Tires: 180

2006 Honda CBR 1000rr: 9.523 @ 147.130
wayne mills, Engine: 998cc,

2006 Honda CBR 1000rr: 9.540 @ 142.890

2003 Honda CBR 954RR: 9.690 @ 143.660
Russell, Tires: Shinko Hook-up Rear

2001 Honda CBR 929rr: 9.923 @ 141.190
Kurt Thornton, Engine: stock,

2003 Honda CBR 954rr: 9.940 @ 136.000
james hester, Engine: stock, Tires: shinko, front and rear

2000 Honda CBR 929 /954 engine: 9.940 @ 140.150
ryan, Engine: stock,

2003 Honda CBR 954RR: 10.079 @ 135.440
Russell, Engine: Stock, Tires: Shinko Hook-up

2005 Honda CBR F4I: 10.090 @ 135.270

1996 Honda CBR Blackbird: 10.170 @ 138.680
David Gajet,

1998 Honda CBR 900RR: 10.200 @ 131.580
Robert Griffith, Engine: 989, Tires: PIRELLI

2005 Honda CBR 1000rr: 10.210 @ 142.970
alanmansell, Engine: stock, Tires: ultra soft shinko

2005 Honda CBR 1000RR: 10.230 @ 139.100
Chris McCoy,

2003 Honda CBR 954 RR Fireblade: 10.277 @ 135.670
Colin, Engine: 954cc, Tires: B/S Battlax 016R

2003 Honda CBR 929 / 954: 10.280 @ 136.350
ryan, Engine: k&n air filter lowerd front straps,

2006 Honda CBR Fireblade: 10.358 @ 134.210
Scot Fitzhugh, Engine: 1000cc, Supercharger: n/a Turbos: n/a

2005 Honda CBR F4i: 10.371 @ 131.540
Lea Martinez,

2001 Honda CBR 929: 10.400 @ 129.000
korrey wallace,

2005 Honda CBR 1000RR Fireblade: 10.450 @ 137.000
Scott, Engine: 1000cc, Tires: michelin pilot powers


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