350z Exhaust!

Put in the GReddy Catback single Exhaust today, whatcha say

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'07 350z Greddy Evo2 Exhaust
2007 nissan 350z with greddy evo-II Exhaust and stillen high flow cats as well as nismo dual cold air intakes. WARNING ANY DAMAGES TO SPEAKERS DUE TO WATCHING THIS VIDEO WILL BE AT OWNERS RESPONSIBILITY! ENJOY ;-)

losmt2 - 350z stock exhaust vs Flowmaster
see Dyno 1/4 mile here http://youtu.be/bmrotowequI hear my finished Exhaust here http://youtu.be/55QTxqCeQEY Original Dyno 251 whp 225 tq, after intake plenum and uprev tune I Dyno 268.5 whp and 233 tq didnt like how quite factory Exhaust is so I installed a 2 chamber original 40 series flowmaster to my Nissan 305z. thinking of going with a super 10 single chamber next.

350Z Magnaflow Exhaust
2003 Nissan 350Z Magnaflow Exhaust No Resonator (delete) Exhaust full sound test with Jim Wolf Technology Pop Charger. Magnaflow Exhaust itself sounds sexy but a little raspy on a cold engine. Has a little bit of drone inside but easy to get used to. Heres the link to the Updated Exhaust video, suspension squeek fixed: http://youtu.be.com/watch?v=v16vuad3Hj0 My youtube channel: http://youtu.be.com/user/MadaEsholProDucShun?feature=mhee My Email: http://madaeshol@gmail.com My instagram: http://instagram.com/spiderhombre21

APS Twin Turbo for Nissan 350
This is the installation video for the APS Twin turbo kit for the Nissan 350z