1964 V-8 273 Plymouth Valiant - Mopar

I got this beauty from the family of a "little old lady from San Diego".  She was garage kept for over 40 years and it's all original with matching numbers. Well, allmost 100% original, I did do a couple tweaks and add-on's here and there. :) A special thanks to Jason Muckala for the restoration work he did on this car... nobody does it better. You can find Jason at his shop in Murrieta or at http://www.motechperformance.com

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1964 Plymouth Valiant from OldTownAutomobile.com
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PLYMOUTH VALIANT 200 - year 1964
This is my car, a PLYMOUTH VALIANT 200 '64 imported from Detroit, Michigan by Chrysler/Simca (6 cc / 16 cv)

1964 Plymouth Valiant engine running. 8/21/10.
1964 Plymouth Valiant engine running. 8/21/10.

Plymouth Valiant 1964 V200 V8 & Signet 200 Slant 6
Auto Zone Parking Lot May 01 2012