Cadillac Escalade on 24" Roma II's All Blacked out

Friend of mine driving my caddy back home before being listed for sale. *sigh* I'll miss the caddy.

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GM Black Escalade: Snoop Dogg Snaps Photos At 7Eleven.!/CarsNstars -Follow Us! Hip hop, television, and film star, Snoop Dogg sees little in his way to conquer as he has done much of what many strive to do every day: succeed. Seen here in his GM Black Escalade. fans get rare photo time with the star, in a 7 Eleven parking lot no less. The attention that the Hip Hop star, along with his peers and other African American athletes, has given raise both in the presence of GM throughout the country but also in stock prices. And you don't need to be a hip hop star or NFL-er, you simply need $65K to get you started.

Escalade On 24's
My escalade

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