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In Cab Pulling Video Cynthiana, KY 7-16-10 - Josh "TeddyBear" Land in The Crippler

In Cab Pulling Video Cynthiana, KY 7-16-10 - Josh "TeddyBear" Land in The Crippler


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In cab sled pull.MP4
This is the in-cab view of my first hook. The truck is a 99 Ram 2500 with a 6-speed. Notable mods are Quadzilla Adrenaline, 4" straight Exhaust, and a BHAF. It's got 3.55 gears with rear factory limited-slip, I run Goodyear Duratrac's in 285/75R16 on the stock steel wheels and I weighed in at around 7200lbs. This is a Mid Atlantic Pulling Association event at the Cecil County Fair 2011. I faced a dilemma going into this event. I couldn't decide which gear to pull in. I know I'm limited by the stock clutch so 5th/low was out. That left 4th/low or 3rd/low. I tried 4th at first because it looked the the rest of the guys were moving pretty fast on the track and I thought I could too. But, that clutch had to slip a little too much for my liking to get rolling and I didn't want to feed in more power. The second attempt was 3rd/low and that got me to 252ft. On power level 5 (custom tune) the Adrenaline recorded about 3300 RPM max, 14 MPH max, and 24 psi Boost pressure. EGT is on a stand-alone gauge but I didn't look at it.

Cassville Pull in cab video
Cassville in cab video

Addicted sled pull Logan UT 2012 (in cab)
owner/driver: Jason stott Where: Logan Utah 2012 First Place

In Cab Pulling Video Mt. Sterling, KY B.O.B. 7-30-10 - Clint Corwin
In Cab Pulling Video Mt. Sterling, KY B.O.B. 7-30-10 - Clint Corwin

In Cab Video Terre Haute, IN SDX '10 Saturday 2.6" Qualifying
In Cab Video Terre Haute, IN SDX '10 Saturday 2.6" Qualifying

In Cab VP44 Cummins 2.6 Diesel Truck Pull
02 VP44 Cummins. Rosholt, WI 7-20-12. 5th of 8 trucks. Quad 4k tuning. Chain was slack and I thought I snapped something right away.

In Cab Ride 756hp FPE Powered 2010 6.7
Ride along in the 756hp/1747tq daily driver 6.7 owned by Cody Williams. This truck is a blast to drive. Notice Chase skip shifting the G56 SB 3600 DD equipped trans from 3-5 then 6th @ 115 mph!

On Borrowed Time, in Cab. Washington Fair.
On Borrowed Time, in Cab. Washington Fair.

In Cab Pulling Video Paris, KY 6-25-10 Chris Johnson "The Goat Herder"
In Cab Pulling Video Paris, KY 6-25-10 Chris Johnson "The Goat Herder"

In cab ride in pulling truck
Harrodsburg kentucky rough ride

dodge 2500 p pumped 24 valve
just a few mods p 7100 injection pump conversion 200hp injectors twin turbos head studs firerings low compresssion pistons valve springs and titanium keepers and locks garmons full billet trans if you like comment and rate please

Swamps Diesel on Motorhead Garage TV September 25, 2011

In cab Cummins Pull
First official run of the Buckin Badger Cummins pull truck

diesel truck pull

Cummins Mudding
This is mike in his dodge cummins taking it through some swamps...blew the serpintine belt off doing it

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1997 BMW M3 : 8.941 @ 164.330
Mike Radowski, Engine: 3.0L M52, Supercharger: - Turbos: Precision 71mm Tires: MT ET street

1989 BMW M3 E30 Turbo: 8.949 @ 159.210
Vidar Jodahl, Engine: 2JZ Gte, Turbos: Gtx4294R

2006 BMW M3 Precision 8288 Turbo: 10.103 @ 145.960
Chris Bergemann, Engine: HPF Built, Turbos: Precision 8288 Tires: MT

1996 BMW M3 E36: 10.386 @ 137.580
Rob Dequine, Engine: 2JZ-GTE stage 3, Turbos: GReddy T78 Tires: 275/35/18

1995 BMW M3 E36: 10.432 @ 135.930
CES MOTORSPORT, Engine: Built S52, Turbos: Single Garrett GTX35R Tires: Hoosier 275/45/17

2002 BMW M3 Maximum PSI Stage 2 Turbo: 10.439 @ 135.810
Mike Radowski, Engine: Stock, Turbos: Maximum PSI Stage 2 - 6266 Tires: M/T ET Street

2008 BMW M3 supercharged ess vt2-625: 10.466 @ 135.130
Powerhaus Performance, Engine: Stock, Supercharger: ess vt2-625

2009 BMW M3 E92: 10.659 @ 131.790
Scott Thies, Engine: S65 ESS VT2-625, Supercharger: Vortech Tires: Nitto NT555R DR

2008 BMW M3 E92 VF Engineering VF620: 10.690 @ 129.380
VAC Motorsports, Engine: Stock S65, Supercharger: VF Engineering VF620 Tires: Mickey Thompson ET Streets

2008 BMW M3 ESS VT3-750 Supercharger: 10.810 @ 135.130
Drew, Engine: S65 4.0L, Supercharger: Vortech V3 Tires: BFGR Drag Radials

2012 BMW M3 E92: 10.843 @ 131.600
Zim Jamie Nezaj, Engine: 4.0 VT650, Supercharger: Vortech Tires: Proxes 888

2009 BMW M3 E92: 10.870 @ 131.400
Mike Wadsworth, Supercharger: ESS VT2-600

2011 BMW M3 ESS VT2-625: 11.004 @ 129.230
Craig (EAS Car), Supercharger: ESS VT2-625 Tires: Hoosiers

2008 BMW M3 VF 620: 11.111 @ 126.990
VAC Motorsports, Engine: Stock, Supercharger: VF 620 Kit Tires: Mickey Thompson ET Streets

2012 BMW M3 E92 DCT ESS: 11.210 @ 127.300
Sherwin, Supercharger: ESS

2010 BMW M3 Vortech V2 Supercharger: 11.249 @ 127.550
Sal@ACM, Engine: 4.0 V8, Supercharger: Vortech V2- ESS VT2-650 Tires: Nitto NT05

2009 BMW M3 e90: 11.293 @ 126.700
Akash (Akh23456), Engine: S65 (v8), Supercharger: Active Autowerke Stage 2 + Tires: Michelin pilot super sports

2008 BMW M3 ESS VT625 Supercharger: 11.308 @ 129.340
Drew, Engine: 4.0L S65, Supercharger: ESS VT625 Tires: Nitto Drag Radials

2002 BMW M3 02 HPF Stg 2.5 Turbo e46 M3: 11.320 @ 136.920
Mike Rashidi, Engine: 3.2l s54, Tires: MT 275/40/17

2003 BMW M3 E46m3 AA Supercharged: 11.410 @ 126.090
Loren Hallett, Engine: 3.2l, Supercharger: AA Supercharger Kit Tires: BF Drag Radials


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