Chrysler Crossfire SRT6 Custom Exhaust

3inch stainless catback with a 1 in 2 out hooker aero chamber muffler. 3inch borla tips to finish it off.

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SRT-6 Supercharged Crossfire Gets a Muffler Delete | His FIRST Mod!
Subscribe Today! ► Hello guys. My buddy Isaac who owns a SRT-6 Crossfire was looking to better his sound without dropping a lot of money so we decided to go with a muffler delete, that way we can judge where to go from there. It turned out good, we had the stock tips replaced with custom tips as well. Will probably get an aftermarket cat-back in the future. Isaac's car is bone stock, this was his first modification! We're introducing him into the wonderful world of modding so there will be future videos to come for sure. Music is Hope by Tobu which was provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Thanks for watching! Subscribe for more build updates of my Camaro, Allie's Cobalt SS, and Isaac's Crossfire!

Chrysler Crossfire Triple Exhaust Sound
A short video of my 2004 Crossfire's custom triple Exhaust sound. Unfortunately, the video doesn't quite capture the deepness or the aggressiveness of the Exhaust. It needs to be heard in person.

SRT-6 Custom Dual Exhaust
2.5" piping with an H-pipe...dual Magnaflow mufflers. Sounds different when in gear than idling in park. Hopefully I'll get a drive by of the Exhaust somtime soon

Crossfire magnaflow exhaust
Magnaflow Exhaust system for Chrysler Crossfire