Chrysler Crossfire SRT6 Custom Exhaust

3inch stainless catback with a 1 in 2 out hooker aero chamber muffler. 3inch borla tips to finish it off.

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SRT-6 Custom Dual Exhaust
2.5" piping with an H-pipe...dual Magnaflow mufflers. Sounds different when in gear than idling in park. Hopefully I'll get a drive by of the Exhaust somtime soon

ISF vs Crossfire srt6
2008 Lexus IsF mods: 150shot, intake 4000+lbs Crossfire SRT6 mods: pulley, tune, intake 3200lbs

Crossfire SRT6 VS Corvette ZO6 (shorter version)
2005 crossfire srt6 vs 2004 corvette zo6 . guessing the zo6 is stock not sure and the srt6 only has a needswings cai.

Chrysler Crossfire Roadster mit Magnaflow Exhaust
Chrysler Crossfire Roadster mit Magnaflow-Sportauspuff, 30mm Tieferlegung von H&R und FSW Primo Felgen (VA 8x18" / HA 9x19"). HA 25mm Spurverbreiterung pro Seite, vorne keine. Es folgen vorne 15er Platten, Hinten 40er Platten (immer pro Seite).