Rover 827 Coupe for sale

Maggie's 1995 Rover 827 SLi Coupe is for sale. Here, her partner John, describes the car and it's condition. This is an honest description which catalogues the car's faults and describes its features and equipment

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Rover P5B Coupe HOE walkaround
Walkaround video of Rover P5B coupe HOE 900L with engine running Sept 2011

1999 V-Reg Rover 800 820 Fastback with Roversport Alloys!
Black Rover 800. 1999 V-Reg Black (Charcoal Grey) Rover 800 820 2.0 Fastback (Hatchback) Automatic. Tickford turbo/Roversport Alloy Wheels with Avon ZZ3 Tyres :) How's it look?

Rover 827 Coupe
rover 827 si coupe rover 827 sterling rover 820 coupe rover 825 sterling rover 827 sli coupe

Rover 825 Coupe
This is Rover 825 Coupe(1996r) in Oxfrd Blue Pearlescent paint. It has 2.5l 175bhp V6 engine :)