Dans 1989 IROC with 383 - Burnout 400HP 12.9 qtr. mile

1989 IROC with 383, AFR heads, superram. 400HP Rolling on the power in the county. Good burnout before new tires. 1/4 mile in 12.9 seconds.

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Apeman swag surfin his son 400hp iroc-z

Mid 10 second TPI 6-SPEED Iroc
357 TPI Iroc t56 9" rear Vortech YSi Supercharger

The SKETCHY 'VERT vs ZR1 & Turbo Camaro
WHAT A NUT! hahaha..... A convertible isn't your typical race car, but with enough horsepower to overcome the extra weight, anything is possible! This nutty driver has earned the nickname SKETCHY based on the lack of traction the car has and his unwillingness to pull his foot out of the throttle! Some DAMN good races with a bolt-on's ZR1 with a crappy tune and a BADASS big turbo 6.0L Camaro with no traction as well. You gotta see this!

2 fast garage-Dan's Iroc-pump gas, street legal sbc on a 275 nos hit
Best pass of 08 @ NYIRP