9.85 @ 142.99 Low Boost ! 620hp. Stock Motor *Record*, Stock Transmission Stock Suspension

Low Boost ! 620hp. TestnTune Atco Raceway 9-26-09 Stock Motor "stock ports" stock Mazda Transmission Stock Suspension *Record*

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9.78 @ 143.93 Mazda Rx7
rotary vs. piston May 22, 2010

Rich's Badass 490rwhp Rx-7
Car made 490rwhp @ 20 psi on 93 pump and water injection. A-Spec 500R turbo and full 4 inch Exhaust. Tuned by Enzo Racing located in Long Island, NY http://www.enzo-racing.com/

skyline R34 1000 hp.Vs toyota 2JZ
GTR R34 1000 hp..9 seg..

timemachines rx7 8.74 et
timemachines rx7 running 8.74 on the stock suspension