1968 mercury cougar

starting up the oringinal 302-2v and hearing the original Exhaust rumble through the oringinal muffler. this thing is like a time capsule. turn up your speakers, my camera recorded it kinda quietly

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1968 cougar running - rear view
just a nice short view of the cougar running and revving, sequential tallights, wtc

1968 cougar 302 spintech exhaust
302 spintech prostreets x pipe and cut-outs

68 cougar stock exhaust
stock single Exhaust on my 68 cougar (all original, unmodified) engine is a 302-2v

1968 Mercury Cougar XR-7 GT-E , original unrestored 428CJ
a visit with owner Jim Pinkerton of Snohomish, Washington 428 Cobra Jet with 4 speed. Only one known to exist with that combination.