1968 mercury cougar

starting up the oringinal 302-2v and hearing the original Exhaust rumble through the oringinal muffler. this thing is like a time capsule. turn up your speakers, my camera recorded it kinda quietly

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360 Grad Ansicht Ford Mercury Cougar 1968

1954 Mercury SunValley Concours Restoration
Here we have a 1954 Mercury SunValley that has just come through a complete Concours Restoration. It has been restored to Original Specs from the colour combination, to the undercarriage . Everything is stock as it came from the factory. Looks like it belongs in the showroom. Drives and handles like new. This is "the Real Deal" All new "Braided Wiring"; chrome all redone: all stainless either NOS or polished to new; complete new interior; glass top replaced with NOS unit; all mechanical parts either new or NOS. This was professionally restored to be "The Best 54 Mercury on the planet!!. Hope you enjoy the presentation.

1959 Mercury, on the Road
1959 Mercury - on the Road -2015- Germany; B109

1968 Mercury Cougar idling Magnaflow 284H12 cam
My Cougar, warming up on a just above freezing February morning. With 284H12 Crane cam and new 2.5" Magnaflow system on long tub headers, he now sounds pretty aggressive. The old system was a bit restrictive. now with K&N filter and Exhaust, he's drawing more air through the Holley DP, so he running fast. Good job there's a rolling road Dyno about 20 foot away from this parking space, and a jet/pump kit in my toolbox!