2004 Dodge Intrepid "Dual" Exhaust 3.5L HO

Rear exit "dual" Exhaust on a 2004 Dodge Intrepid Ex-Police car. Magnaflow muffler and tips, custom bent stainless pipe and front resonator delete.

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99 RWD V8 Intrepid v2.0 first start on all 8 cylinders
Just as the title says guys. Turns out I had a PCM from a truck that had a 3.9 V6 the first time around... Anyhow, as if you couldn't tell, the camera microphone wasn't able to handle the decibel levels produced by the open headers. Trust me, it sounds AWESOME in person :D

Dodge Intrepid speed run ( police pkg)
professional driver, closed course. just backed off. not even close to the limit, the speedo is reading fast by about 6%

2002 Dodge Intrepid SXT 3.5 HO Magnaflow
This is my 02 Intrepid. Has some mods, including a Magnaflow Exhaust as explained in the video. It sounds deep and looks stock which I like. *Note: Since posting the muffler has been on for a few hundred miles, and the tone is even louder and deeper. I am very pleased. Also I added a "Magnaflow Performance Exhaust" Sticker in the bottom left of the rear window. Thanks for watching!

Dodge Intrepid 2.7 Exhaust
This is a compilation of my Exhaust on my 2.7 Intrepid with a 300m Special PCM.