AWD Turbo Civic Wagon vs Corvette

Some fun runs with my friends seeing how his AWD turbo civic stood up to the vette. The civic's launches are definitely strong!

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Wagon Attack 2
A short film about a rusty Honda Civic Wagon and a dude that loves deals. Love Wagon's, and the 80's? Check out the Wagon Attack 2 Tee

Diamond In The dirty - Honda 1990 Civic Wagon
After School at Alvarez High school i would see a Honda Wagon that i liked a lot but after a while i never saw it again then i met @Cesar_ill at @Eskunkm house and got to linked up with him to shoot his wagon! have to drive a few miles down south to Soledad California. The weather was crazy but i was able to shoot it at my best. The story does not end here a short film will be coming soon ! Follow Him On Ig : @cesar_ill Follow me on IG , Snapchat & Twitter @CrisGotWings Music : " Hit You by Letgo + Steezy Prime "

4door Civic with 150 shot of NOS = BOOOM
4 Door Civic dx with 150 Shot of NOS blows up!

Bisimoto 700whp D16Z 1990 Honda Civic Turbo Wagovan
Our impromptu, yet detailed look at Bisimoto's 700 wheel horsepower 1990 Honda Civic turbo Wagovan, which is powered by a D16Z engine and a huge turbonetics BTX6565 ball bearing turbo. Shot on the fly at a car meet using our Canon handheld camera; completely unedited (except for the addition of our web address). For more photos, check