How to smoke your tail lights

Smoking my tail lights on my 94 Mustang using VHT nightshades and also installing tail lights from a 96-98 Mustang, i hope this helps anyone who needed it. Songs used in video: "Under the knife" by Rise Against "Drones" by Rise Against "Worth dying for" by Rise Against All can be found in the album "The Sufferer & the Witness"

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How to Tint Taillights with Film

How to Tint Car Headlights
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Tinting Tail Lights With Plastidip (1 Coat Of Black, 3 Coats Of Clear)
In this video, I show you how to tint tail lights with 1 coat of black plastidip. This method allows you to smoke your car's tail lights with a light tint, and still provides the durability of many coats of plastidip because of the additional 3 coats of clear that are sprayed onto the lights. It is an easy way to tint your tail lights, and doesn't take long to do! Sorry about the last portion of the video being filmed at night. I tried to get it done before it got dark outside, but didn't work fast enough. CONNECT WITH ME: Instagram - SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL: FREE DIY ADVICE EBOOK: Disclaimer: Some of the links in this description may be affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

How to PROPERLY Tint Your Taillights
In this video, I use vinyl wrap to tint the tail lights on the golf. In my opinion, this is the best way to tint the tail lights (or headlights) because it is completely uniform, easily reversible, and is not too difficult to apply. If you want your tail lights to look flawless, you should polish them beforehand so that they look brand new and are imperfection free before you wrap the lights. Click this link to see how I do that: If you were to use VHT nightshades for example, to go with a light tint where the tail light is still somewhat red, you will most likely get an uneven finish. The only way to get a nice uniform look with the VHT is to go VERY DARK, to the point where it is unsafe and you can barely see the tail light bulbs during the day time. I bought this vinyl wrap from but you can get some from amazon, ebay, aliexpress, or even your local hardware store. This is not the same as window tint so just keep that in mind. For a link to buy some, scroll down a bit and you’ll see the link. Out of the 2 options on their website, I used the darker tint for this application. If you have any questions regarding the video, you know where to throw them!! Thanks for watching :) ______________________________________________________________ Please give it a like 👍 and follow 👣 MILMAST MERCHANDISE ▶︎ milanmastracci YouTube Channel ▶︎ milanmastracci Facebook Page ▶︎ milmast Instagram ▶︎ ______________________________________________________________ Videos in the Outro 🎥 How to PROPERLY Polish Your Tail Lights ▶︎ When do you NEED to Replace Your Tires ▶︎ ______________________________________________________________ Products in Video 🔨 MetroRestyling Tail Light Wrap (Light, Dark & Red) ▶︎ Porter Cable Variable Heat Gun ▶︎ 3M Squeegee ▶︎ Felt Squeegee ▶︎