Part 24: MegaSquirt MS3-Pro Installation - My 76 Mazda RX-5 Cosmo Restoration

Part 24 of my '76 Cosmo restoration is here! And I'm going to come right out and warn you; this is a long one. There is a lot of detail here, for you see, this episode covers in it's entirety the installation of the MegaSquirt MS3-Pro EFI system. Like the engine build in part 12, I decided to cover the entire process in a way that would help anyone performing a similar installation. And while this specifically covers the MS3-Pro, all the information is valid for any MegaSquirt installation and indeed, any other brand of standalone as well. In this episode you'll see from scratch the MS3-Pro installation from bare engine bay to fully wired and functional EFI system. Included is detailed coverage of making an ECU mounting panel, wiring in all the injectors and sensors, wiring up the 2nd gen RX-7 CAS and coils, Boost solenoid, e-fan relays and other EFI related accessories. So pour yourself a big drink, get comfortable, and enjoy. A huge thanks goes out to DIYAutoTune ( ) for providing the MS3-Pro and other parts used in this installation. Rotary MegaSquirt Links:

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Part 25: Turbo Manifold Fabrication - My 76 Mazda RX-5 Cosmo Restoration
Episode 25 of my '76 Mazda RX-5 Cosmo restoration is another long one, covering in its entirety the fabrication of the turbocharger manifold. Suddenly the engine bay started to look a little cramped when I began to position the GT3076R, so it took some plumbing to build the required manifold. Constructed out of 1.5" SCH40 304 stainless steel pipe, it was fully TIG welded with an argon back purge. Yes, this is another long episode because I wanted to show the manifold fabrication process in glorious detail so that this video would be a useful resource for anyone wanting to build a custom turbo manifold. So as I say, grab your favourite adult beverage, sit back, and enjoy. Included in this episode: fabricating a 13B Exhaust flange, fabbing a merge collector, positioning a turbo in the engine bay, measuring, cutting and fitting stainless pipe and els, tacking in position, setting up a back purge, final welding, port matching, custom heat shields. A huge thank you to ATP turbo ( ) for helping out with some of the parts used in this episode.

Megasquirt Basic Wiring & Connecting
Basic Wiring and Connecting a ExtraEFI megasquirt ECU.

205 MI16 - MegaSquirt 3 + ITB First Start
XU10J4-RS Block + XU9J4 Head 87 mm Wossner 12,8 C.R Pistons 152 mm Wossner Connection Rods 92 mm Forged Stell CrankShaft P16VBP320 RACE CamShaft FOLMI16M Mechanical Followers VDSMI16 Double Racing Valve Springs C4228-051 Cometic 88mm -- 1,0 mm Gasket CKPG03 Jenvey Injection Throttle Body Kit 0 280 150 450 Bosch Injectors 350 cc BERU 0040102032 C.O.P s MegaSquirt 3 V3,0 Board

Evan's Megasquirt Build Ep 31 - Android Gauges
Next Episode: TBD Apps I think I'll be using: MSDroid ShadowDash Tasker - Handle power up and sleep on charger off (ignition switch control) Auto Lux - Backlight handling by sunset time and/or camera, since I have no ambient light sensor. PowerAmp - Best car mp3/audio player I've found so far. No Lock - Name says it all. ES File Explorer - Wifi data management / music transfer, apk install, etc.