Supra Shoes by Ding Custom

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Custom Supras
Some seriously sick shoes. Owned by a friend of mine James Lawrence.

How to Get Gold Shoes Like Justin Bieber
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Custom Nike Shoe
One question I constantly get is how do you make custom shoes? I got tired of having to explain the process because explaining it really does not put things into perspective about how much time must be invested and how much attention to detail it takes to make a pair of custom shoes. So I figured I'd create a video for you guys demonstrating how much hard work goes into each and every single pair of custom sneakers I make. Each shoe is painted 100% by hand. Nothing more, nothing less. Add a little tender love and care and you get a completely original, unique pair of kicks to separate your feet from the rest of the world. If you don't get it by now, I see sneakers as wearable works of art. Some people use canvas, some use paper, I just happen to use sneakers as one of my favorite mediums. But I always seem to get complaints from people inquiring about shoes asking why the price must be so lofty. I probably speak on behalf of the rest of the sneaker customization community by saying this is the reason why our shoes are priced kinda pricey. Just watch this video to get a grasp about how much time and effort it really takes. You see people paying thousands of dollars for paintings no problem. But what happens? You stick that painting in the living room and that's it. Just collects dust. But some custom sneakers are like carrying a painting on your feet any where you go! hahaha. Anyways just thought I'd share my process from start to finish. Enjoy.

Supra Fake vs Real
A fake vs real video of how to spot fake Supra shoes with Marc Wilson AKA marc01535, Follow me on twitter @xmarcwilson, To keep yourself safe and know you are buying 100% genuine Supra Footwear products visit this also lists known suppliers of counterfeit Supra merchandise so you know who to stay clear of, To find authorized Supra dealers in your area visit: Stay safe and thanks for watching :)