Datsun 1200 Ute

This car is for sale. 1984 Datsun 1200 Utility (Sunny Truck), with Nissan CA18DET engine, stanza front struts and brakes, R31 Skyline LSD (shortened and reconditioned with a tight clutch pack), R31 rear brakes, R31 fuel tank, Mitsubishi FTO seats, Nissan Silvia dash, custom mirrors, custom tonneau cover and buckets, nah, truck-loads of road registered fun!

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Datsun 1200 Ute Orange
Datsun 1200 Ute Ca18DET 28PSI

My datsun 1200 Restoration
hey guys just made this video to show how much time and effort went into this thing i honistly haven't seen a better datto so i just thought id share the process of me and my dads restoration on my car, let me know what yas think, thanks for watching

2015.3.2 DATSUN Meet DAIKOKU サニーの日 大黒パーキング
2015.3.2 DATSUN Meet DAIKOKU サニーの日 大黒パーキング B110 B210 B310

Una Reliquia
esta guagua fue comprada el 10 de marzo del 1966