20B 3 Rotor Turbo FD RX7 with an amazing 761hp at 24 PSI of BOOST!!

FD RX7 owned by paul, customer of mazfix racing stole the show with outright winner at mazfix Dyno day 2010, paul's stunning looking street rx7 come out with figures of 761.1hp @24psi of Boost which as you can tell watching the video sounds tuff. As time has come along paul is now running on pump fuel not C-16 and has a figure of 707hp. Thanks guys for watching and like always stay posted we always have more coming.

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20B rotary RX-7 Spirit R: The Ultimate Street Mazda
Built by Promaz Automotive, we think it's hard to go past Steve's wicked Series 8 FD RX-7 if rotaries are your game. Limited to around 1500 unit's, the Spirit R was the last of the RX-7's and featured a lot of upgraded factory parts as well as a low 1100kg weight. Now powered by a lethal Promaz triple rotor 20B extend port rotary engine, power is aided by a Garrett GT42R turbo and MicroTech fuel system and transmitted through an Albins 5-speed gearbox and KAAZ rear end [ http://www.promaz.com.au ]. http://www.fullBoost.com.au Get your track gear! http://shop.fullBoost.com.au Follow us on social media @ Google+ https://plus.google.com/+fullBoost Facebook http://www.facebook.com/fullBoostcomau YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/fullBoost... Twitter https://twitter.com/fullBoostcomau Instagram http://instagram.com/fullBoostcomau COPYRIGHT WARNING: The above video is copyrighted © to FullBoost You do not have permission to download it and re-upload it anywhere in any form. You can click the share button on YouTube for that, or copy/paste the URL to social media.

26B First Start Up Mazda RX7 4 Rotor by Hammer///Motorsport with P.P.R.E.
Now it's done. After several years of work, the Hammer Motorsport Quad Rotor Mazda RX7 is nearly finished. Thanks a lot to P.P.R.E Pulse Performance Race Engineering for the epic engine. Now we are looking forward for the first rollout... Check out our Facebook page for more Clips, Cars and Informations: https://www.facebook.com/Hammer-Motorsport-1505200626435462/

3 Rotor 20b RX7 Single Turbo 80mm
Walk-Around of 3 Rotor RX7

2JZ Killer hits the Dyno and weight scale! - TRC R32 GTR Build Episode 3
This episode we head over to AG Autosports to Dyno the R32 GTR in stock form before we begin modifications. We also take a trip to a local weigh station to get a baseline weight before we begin weight reduction. Stay tuned after the Dyno for some bonus footage! Thanks for watching!