Apex Alignment Civic racing with FARA Homestead Miami Heavy Rain.

Danny Menendez driving the Apex Alignment #17 Civic in a severe rain race at Homestead on 4/21/12. Poor visibility and limited traction led to a small "love tap" with the wall towards the end of the race. Both driver and car are ok and have resumed racing since. The weather was very bad and got worse as the race progressed. Notice the fog on the winshield and the water in the passenger footwell get worse! Please visit apexalignment.com for all your street and racecar alignment needs.

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Fresh build of a vintage racecar done by Greg Ira of Revtec Race Engineering. It just finished getting an alignment, setting ride height, and corner balancing by Albert Lazo of Apex Alignment, Inc. in Miami, FL. This car will be racing at Historic Sportscar Racing and Sportscar Vintage Racing Association events throughout the United States. For more information, contact www.revtec1.com

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