Dodge Neon SRT-4 v.s. Saturn Ion Red Line Street Race

A short video of a Dodge Neon SRT-4 and a Saturn Ion Red Line street racing. The silver Ion wins.

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ion red line vs Ls1

Mustang GT v.s. Toyota Solara Street Race
Me goin against Dutch in his mom's Toyota. haha

SRT4 Neon Stage 3 vs Stage 2 Saturn Ion Redline
Neon was holding 18 lbs Boost/full bolt ons with race tune Saturn is 15 lbs Boost/few bolt ons with mild tune I got walked, but the guys turned out to be real cool. Gave each other compliments then we

Saturn Ion Redline Having Fun at Alameda NAS
2005 Saturn Ion Redline GM Stage II w/Nate's 2.85" Pulley K&N 9" Drop In Cone Filter "Snorkel" Delete Just having some fun on my birthday at the airstrip. First attempt at making a vid. Hope everyone likes!!!