09.11.14-Ferrari 1st Rally Taiwan之街拍(6)

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FERRARI CRASH!! 458 Italia Liberty Walk Widebody rear ended by Jeep at SEMA 2014!
This insane Ferrari 458 Italia widebody tuned by Liberty Walk was rear ended by a Jeep Wrangler at the end of the aftermarket and tuner show SEMA 2014, located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Liberty Walk Performance is a Japanese tuning company. This wide body is fitted with a large rear and front bumper and fenders, a new diffuser, and a large rear wing. All components are carbon fiber. This widebody is also fitted with a Armytrix titanium Exhaust. The Ferrari 458 Italia is powered by a 4.5L V8 that produces 562hp. The 458 Italia does 0-60mph in 3.3 seconds with a top speed of 202mph.The 458 comes in both the coupe and spider variant and a limited edition "race" version called the 458 Speciale. The Ferrari 458 Italia has been replaced by the Ferrari 488 GTB, a turbo charged 4.8L V8.

(全球第一台)可撕式噴膜 Ferrari California 車體噴膜(Plasti Dip)-Made by Acme愛客美汽車美容中心
【The world's first Dipped Ferrari California in customization blue!!】 【ACME愛客美汽車美容中心】客製化噴膜,採用Performix Plasti Dip。 粉絲專頁:www.facebook.com/acmecarbeauty 球場店:高雄市鳥松區球場路2號 (07-3701701)。 華榮店:高雄市鼓山區華榮路88號 (07-5505777)。 服務項目: 1. 車輛清潔。 2. 汽車美容。 3. 車體鍍膜。 4. 車體包膜。 5. 車體噴膜 (可撕式烤漆, Plasti Dip)。 6. 進口跑車出租。 7. 車輛買賣諮詢。

2009/11/14 Ferrari Rally in Taiwan 2
2009/11/14 Ferrari Rally in Taiwan,Taichung