335 vs B6 S4

completely stock 335. S4 has aftermarket Exhaust and air filter, and 19" rims

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JHM B6 S4 Labree Catless Fullback Dyno
JHM tuned full catless labree Exhaust 235/231 uncorrected to the wheels at 6000ft altitude and 89 degrees

Audi S5 4.2 vs Audi S4 B6 4.2 - Audi Club Georgia
სატესტო გასვლა აუდის კლუბის შიდა ავტომობილებს შორის.

JHM All motor 300+whp B6 S4 V8 Vs. VF Supercharged B7 S4 V8 - SIDE BY SIDE PULLS, 2nd, 3rd and 4th.
JHM All motor B6 S4 with the NEW JHM intake manifold and JHM headers alongside all our other parts, vs. a VF supercharged, GIAC tuned B7 S4 with JHM Headers. The first several pulls through 2nd, 3rd and 4th the JHM car is all motor. Then the JHM car turns on their NEW direct port Nitrous plate system with 70hp jetting. GAME OVER.

S65 AMG V12 Biturbo vs S4 B6
S4 mit Catless Downpipes