MPS Mazda RX7 3 Rotor 20B Peripheral Port w/Slide

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11,000RPM 20B Triple Rotary RX7 Track Car - FC3S Series 5 - Peripheral Port
20B Rotor powered FC.... Crazy sound. 11,000 RPM rev limited, peripheral port, capable of 12,500 RPM+ however was detuned for engine longevity to have a 11,000 RPM rev limit.

Bad Boy Racing 20g Rotary Mud Race
Old video of the Bad Boy Mud Race 20B Peripheral Port was taken in 2006. Now is 13b turbo

SCREAMING 20B rotary engine dyno ~ JPC
Centreline Suspension's 20B PP rotary engine from their Mazda RX-7 Sports Sedan circuit racer on the Dyno at JPC.

Lucky 7 Racing #25 Peripheral Port NA 3 Rotor 20B RX7 FD Race Car
Lucky 7 Racing SCCA GT2 1993 Mazda RX7 3-rotor Race Car 448 WHP Tuned by Shane T. Rotary NA Power Follow us for more updates: Instagram: @luckysevenracing @lucky7willow