Black Pearl: Rover V8 Bike

Take a Rover V8 engine (3.500 ccm / 214 cui), put it in a Harley Softtail frame and you will get something called MOTOR-Cycle.

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V8 Sidewinder fuel injected 350 V8 motorcycle with 6 speed trans.
Walk around, start and ride . Aluminum 350 Chevy 900 lbs.

V8 Corvette Engine Motorcycle
My neighbor brought this home last week from his work. I've seen these on tv before but never a bike with an engine this big. The motorcycle is idling fast it goes like 20 mph. I think he is trying to sell it.

Mini CNC 4-axis and Miniature Chevrolet V8: Super Sound!!

v8 motorcycle
This is a hand made 694 cc cross plain v8 running for the first time in a BMW 650 cycle.