1968 Cougar

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1968 Cougar 0241
Recorded on July 5, 2009.

1968 Mercury Cougar LED Taillight Comparison.wmv
This is the final chapter in my quest to find the ultimate LED lights for my 1968 Mercury Cougar. The ones that I'm happy with are part number: 1157-R18-T. They are $18.00 ea., but well worth it, as you can see from the video. Even outside, these bulbs really are bright! I almost considered getting their 45 LED light tower bulb (for $25.00 ea), but now, I'm glad I didn't! The company to get these from, is: www.superbrightleds.com.

68 Cougar Burnout
68 Cougar

Jon Ekvalls 1968 Mercury Cougar Dec. 27, 2013