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킹핀 작업 - King Pin Press (Mount/demount Puller)

King Pin Press (Mount/demount Puller)


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KPP-143 Heavy-Duty King Pin Press
The ARI-HETRA air assisted and manual King Pin Press is a safe, professional, and time-efficient tool used to replace heavy-duty king pins. It's vertical, side-to-side, and front-to-back adjustability make it easy to maneuver around obstacles that would otherwise make the job time consuming and difficult. It comes with a fully stocked tooling kit that prepares technicians to replace king pins of various sizes. All of the KPP-143's features combined with the use of 143,000 lbs. of compression forces make it the most time-efficient, safe, easy to use, and reliable tool for king pin replacement.

대형 타이어 탈거기셋 작업 - Lever with wheel for Scania Wheel Demount
Lever with wheel for Scania Wheel Demount

Build your Own RVHauler - Step 8 - Tools, Wheels and Kingpins
Gregg talks bit about the needs for metric tools on these Volvo singling conversions. We deal with steer tire replacements, and start to dig into the dissasembly down to the worn kingpin. We will be replacing both kingpins on the Mayer's HDT.

대형트럭 판스프링 붓싱 탈착 작업 - Hydraulic Spring Pin Metal Bush Puller(Demount)
Hydraulic Spring Pin Metal Bush Puller(Demount)

대형트럭 판스프링 붓싱 장착 작업 - Hydraulic Spring Pin Metal Bush Puller(Mount)
Hydraulic Spring Pin Metal Bush Puller(Mount)

Removing and installing kingpins trucks / bus 03-00007
Removing and installing kingpins with hydraulics on trucks and buses. For more information and tools go to http://www.wallmek.se

kingpin replacement Part 2.
Part 2 of kingpin repair/replacement

Kingpin Replacement Part 1 ..
Truck had a bad shake at 45mph so in the process of narrowing down i found the kingping to be bad and the right wheel bearing was contamanated with water...

Canter King Pin Removal/Repair Part 1
Part 1 of the canter king pin removal / replacement. after beating on it for a few hours, I gave up. try again tomorrow :) thanks for watching :)

1926-1934 Kingpin removal and replacemet.
This is a 28 axle that I put 40 ford spindles on, and had to replace the kinpins. Tbucket roadster.

Volvo Ailsa kingpin removal
Volvo Ailsa 4779 JOV779P havong its nearside kingpin dismantled. Bally Singh Jhoot is shocked by his discovery.................

스카니아 구형허브탈착 리데나교환-Scania 380,420 AXLE Rear HUB Nut Socket (Mount)
Scania 380,420 AXLE Rear HUB Nut Socket (Mount)

Kingpins & Bushings, rat rod installation
When I was looking for some info on how to do this, I really wasn't finding much online, so I took a little extra video time to make this so that almost anyone could see how it's done. The part I didn't show, is the removal, installing and reaming of the bushings, which someone else did, but there's a good article on "the H.A.M.B." that describes that. Sorry for the length, but it is what it is..

STEERTEK NXT - Maintenance Efficiency
Hendrickson's STEERTEK NXT helps lower maintenance costs with new and improved king pin bushings with dual lip seals to provide longer bushing life while requiring no lubrication. The innovative 2-piece knuckle improves knuckle serviceability and reduces the labor hours required to replace king pin bushings, saving both time and resources.

12 ton hydraulic press vs. 2 ton jack stands...
Pressing a wheel bearing out of a spindle on a 1997 Toyota Avalon. This is a video of how NOT to do it! The jack stands were rated at 2 tons and the press was rated at 12 tons.

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