Saab 9-3 open SID

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Saab 9-3 OpenSID + ECU MODE
Trionic 7 opensid + ECU MODE. E(co) - permanent Closed Loop, mAir-max 580mg/r N(ormal) - normal S(port) - FTR ;)

How To: Remove and Install SAAB SID Display

DIY repair SID II SAAB 93 - 2002 SAAB 93 2002 Reparação do SID II Optei pela fita da, que teve o custo total de 30€. Para um trabalho mais profissional, aconselho a soldar a fita com equipamento especializado para o efeito. Este vídeo apenas mostra extractos de todo o processo, na totalidade despendi cerca de 1 h 30 m para efectuar o serviço. Para mais informações, consultem o fórum: SAABs Portugal

~ 700hp Turbo Saab, 312kmh (194mph)
Extreme turbo Saab + 300 kmh Many viewers have misunderstood this video, so I explain it a little: -Speed at finish line (1mile/1609m) is measured. Time is not measured. -First Saab does 1st and 2nd gear with ~half throttle. Second Saab has limited Boost for 1st and 2nd gear. - three extra seconds between 0-100kmh typically means ~30meters wasted. But three extra seconds used in speeds close to 300kmh, means almost 300meters wasted. Here is equally powerful RWD cars (if not even more HP's) These RWD's are a lot faster between 0-150kmh, but these Saabs are faster from 150kmh-300kmh. You get the point when you compare speeds at finish line. -A Saab 9-5 driver pushes a little too much throttle @3rd gear and looses traction. He lifts a throttle and pushes it back, but too much again and then he gears up 4th, a bit earlier than planned. (optimal is@205kmh). Earlier that summer I broke one gearbox when pushing too hard on 3rd gear. With new gearbox and at later event, I drove very gently on first three gears to avoid breaking it again. I pushed WOT for the first time on 4th gear @ 190kmh. You can hear it clearly on following video. Engine tone changes totally around 200kmh. Incar video is from 299kmh pull (at 1 mile race) Something happened to camera during the run. So I didn't get any incar video from a 305kmh pull. To see that run from the start line, please see my other videos. Here is incar video until camera dies. Start is @1min.