Saab 9-3 open SID

Trionic info to SID enabled by using T7SuitePro More info:

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Saab 9-3 OpenSID + ECU MODE
Trionic 7 opensid + ECU MODE. E(co) - permanent Closed Loop, mAir-max 580mg/r N(ormal) - normal S(port) - FTR ;)

How To: Remove and Install SAAB SID Display

Saab Information Display (SID) Dead Pixel Repair
Replacement of Saab information display dead pixel ribbon. Lots of trial and error. Skip to minute 12 for successful application. How to remove SID from car, disassemble, replace ribbon, reassemble, test, drink beer, redo, redo ,redo.

OBD-II info to Saab 9-3 SID
Mass Air Flow, Manifold Air Pressure, Coolant temperature, etc.. shown on the Saab 9-3 drive computer, SID. More info on my site: