Ford Fairmont Futura 408 windsor

drag racing in alaska. This was the first car I owned back when I was 14. I finally pulled it into the shop,completely went through it and is really just a weekend street cruiser. It makes quite a bit of power, and with some more tuning I plan on being in the low 11's on the motor. There is a 200 shot of Nitrous also that I haven't really had the balls to use...meaning I wouldn't want to damage the motor!

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fairmont vs camaro

Ford Fairmont 5.0
One trip around the Auto-X track in the mighty Fairmont.

Fairmont Futura dyno pull 2
This is my friend Dave's Fairmont Futura on its second pull on the chassis Dyno at Lane Automotive.

Fairmont vs Mustang GT
Ford Fairmont 4.6 dohc cobra swap- Sn95 unknown.