Ford Fairmont Futura 408 windsor

drag racing in alaska. This was the first car I owned back when I was 14. I finally pulled it into the shop,completely went through it and is really just a weekend street cruiser. It makes quite a bit of power, and with some more tuning I plan on being in the low 11's on the motor. There is a 200 shot of Nitrous also that I haven't really had the balls to use...meaning I wouldn't want to damage the motor!

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Ford Fairmont Futura 408 windsor
Drag racing in Alaska. First time car was taken to the track it did 11.78 that same day. have to wait for next year to see if it can do better. It also has a 200 shot of Nitrous that was not used.

BYRON 5-5-13

1974 detomaso pantera 408 windsor exhaust idle sound
1974 De Tomaso Pantera with GT5 flares minus the running boards.Freshly built 408 ci. windsor engine.Bleeding the air out of the cooling system at idle during this video.That is what the yellow funnel is doing in place of the scoop on the passenger side.Car has idled for an hour like this.Hard to get it warm!Over heating Pantera's does not happen if you properly bleed the air out.The Lisle funnel part #26410 makes it easier. Comp Cams retro fit hyd. roller part # 35-427-8,AFR 185 heads,830 Holley carb.Big Throat headers from PI.(use the ARP 5/16 head header bolts with these!).Cherry Bomb Extreme mufflers. The camera really picked out the valve train noise(the clicking).It is much quieter in person.The Exhaust is deeper or more of a base sound than this as well.

1978 Ford Fairmont Futura Coupe
A rare car indeed!