1972 VW Beetle Restoration - Rear Quarter Rust Repair

This 1972 VW Super Beetle is undergoing a full pan off Restoration at Kiddy's Classics in Jensen Beach, FL. - http://www.kiddysclassics.com - Like most Florida Beetle's this one has its fair share rust that needs repair. In this video you will see photos of the step-by-step process of removing the rust, and welding the new patch panels in place for a correct repair. The patches are hammered and dollied smooth and then lead (auto body solder) is used in place of bondo or other plastic fillers for a repair that will last for years to come.

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1969 VW Bug Project - Episode 25 - Rusty Firewall Removal and Repair
Started with just a little cleanup of the back seat and the engine bay, only to find some significant rust areas below the window and on the top edge of the firewall. A few words about my videos: these episodes document my efforts to restore an old VW Bug and are not intended as how-to's. I am a professor of English by trade, and I have no formal mechanic training (which is often quite obvious). I'm also into making semi-interesting/entertaining videos showing how I've gone about my restoration work. But I make no guarantee that my results will be your results, nor that you will remain injury free if you try to do what I did. You may harm yourself, others, and/or your car if you copy me. If you do, that's your fault, not mine. Please be safer than I am, make safety first not third, and do not do anything if you don't know what you are doing. If you have any doubts at all, consult a qualified automotive professional, and pay him or her to do it right and safely.

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My first car was was a 1969 Automatic-Stickshift VW Beetle. I drove it for 4 years, and it took a beating. It was garaged for 18 years, until I decided to rebuild it.

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"The easy and safe way to remove rust at home". I am amazed at how many people have not heard of this method before. Some old school tips are more useful today, it saved them money and it will save you time and money too.