Petit Lemans 2009 Viper Crash

I was watching the race cars at this section and something told me to get the camera out and start recording. Within a couple of minutes, the GT2 viper spun out and crashed right in front of me. You can see the camera shake as I realize the spinning car is coming right at me. Luckily the loose tire went up the track and not over the fence!

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Dodge Viper Crashing a Van!!! CRASH!!! NEW VIPER CRASHED
Dodge Viper Crashing a Van!!! CRASH!!! NEW VIPER CRASHED..........

Dodge Viper Crash - Incredible Footage - David Pintaric Walks away without a scratch
Shot for Dodge Viper Cup Show by Internal Combustion Group. Interview with David Pintaric explains how well the Dodge Viper is designed, engineered to withstand this type of crash! this show is shot with 48 cameras ranging from Red Epic to EX3 with Long Lenses all the way down to GoPro cameras inside and out on each car as well as placed around the track as speed cams.

Dodge viper crash at auto club dragway
dodge viper crash at auto club dragway. he lost the rear end off the line and went into the wall. 5-9-9