Supra Nervoso Rod. Dos Bandeirantes

@rafithaborges [Já tem Supra Nervoso em São Paulo; Vejam isso, pra quem já andou de Marea turbo, este tenta alcançar o Supra....kkkkk] posted October 29th 2009 at 6:39pm from TwitVid -

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Supra Turbo 1099cv (acelerando forte)
Cliquem em gostei e favorite o vídeo !!!Vllw

Supra vs Porsche turbo
Me driving my supra racing my brother in the 996 turbo porsche.

R35 GTR and Supra For Sale - $85,000(GT-R) and $65,000(Supra) 253-879-8324
GT-R for sale $85,000. Supra for sale $65,000. for info 253-879-8324. Coming back from a photo shoot we took the liberty of doing a couple of Boost pulls. At one point the Supra looses traction at about 70mph. With more than 800HP traction is the biggest problem. The GT-R on the other hand equipped with a COBB Access Port, HKS GT570 Kit &Legamax Exhaust has low speed wheel spin of all 4 tires. Both cars professionally built and tuned at Illtech Auto Salon in Tacoma WA. For all your GT-R needs. or 253.879.8324

Auto Esporte - Toyota Supra 15/11/09
Matéria Auto Esporte sobre rodas carro Toyota Supra 1200hp.