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2000 Hyundai elantra 2.0 electric turbo had button under throttle, now placed in a switch to activate manually at will. This video of visible difference.

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Cheap Electric SuperCharger Bench Testing
Ok this thing is real lame

Drift-Office : Phantom Full Throttle Electric Supercharger BRZ / FRS / GT86
2017 Update : Guys and Girls, because of all the USELESS bickering, name calling and the general lack of respect of and from others, comments herein been disabled. Ref : http://www.ft86club.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1219211#post1219211 Ref : http://www.phantomSuperchargers.com/Dyno-results.html

Electric Supercharger challenge
Students in my High Performance class took on the challenge of testing if an electric Supercharger would increase performance. You can decide for yourself if they are worth the investment. We did not test all makes and brands of electric Superchargers so results may vary based on engine displacement and Volumetric Efficiency (VE)

山川社(Cyclone Electric supercharger @ yamakawa.web2go.net)
Cyclone電動渦輪的工作原理 電動渦輪增壓系統是根據空氣動力學的原理,通過強制進 氣使 進入本裝置後的氣流產生旋轉的脈動渦流,流速增大,空 氣質量 提高,含氧密度增加,達到最佳空燃比,燃油霧化提高。 從源頭 上為實現燃油在單位時間內完全燃燒提供了最佳的環境和 條件, 加裝後,讓引擎高速運轉進氣順暢,馬力明顯改善。