Dupli-Color® How To: Shadow Chrome Black-Out Coating

Dupli-Color® Shadow™ Chrome Black-Out Coating is a two-can system that is resistant to brake dust, road abrasion, chipping, and fading making it ideal for chrome wheels, bumpers, interior/exterior trim, accessories, and under hood components. Brian and Brian will apply the translucent black base coat and the clear top coat to create the popular look of black chrome on polished metal or chrome surfaces for cars, trucks and motorcycles. LEARN MORE HERE: http://duplicolor.com/product/shadow-chrome-black-out-coating Let’s Connect! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Duplicolor Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/duplicolor Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/duplicolorauto/?hl=en Website: http://www.duplicolor.com/

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Black shadow chrome wheel painting
Painting a set of alloys for a Mitsubishi Evo using a powder coated base then black spray base with shadow chrome and lacquered finish. We had the wheels powder coated because they needed sand blasting to remove old paint. Then we used a base of black and then the black chrome. Lacquered finally to seal the wheels. The effect is stunning. It cost £20 a wheel for blasting and powder and the black base paint was about £15. The chrome was £30 so about £125 in materials.

DIY Chrome Kit
1 Set RM680 PM Mr. Tang +6012-319 0788 if you are interested.

Dupli-Color Shadow Chrome Black-Out EXAMPLE
Dupli-Color Shadow Chrome Black-Out Coating paint that I just sprayed on my 2001 Dodge Durango RT 22inch rims. They turned out great, and many compliments on the color. They look different than anything around town. Dupli-Color Shadow Chrome Black-Out Coating paint morphs in light conditions. From blueish, to greyish, to blackish tints. Viewing angle also changes color.

How to paint your car wheels black
John and Cory explain to you how to paint your car wheels flat or semi-gloss black. Check out Black No. 2 and more of my songs for at: http://www.soundcloud.com/JohnAngelMusician My new musical feature film Rednecks! http://www.RednecksMovie.com http://www.JohnAngelMusician.com More videos free on my Youtube page: http://www.Youtube.com/Johneeeee